About Tesla

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Elon Musk Business tactics: trustworthy?

What is Tesla?

Tesla electric car company is known for introducing car models tailored to the technological ideals of the new millennial age: innovative. Safe. Efficient. Battery-chargeable. The company is applauded for their strides for clean energy through the use of solar energy powered chargers, or “Superchargers” for battery operated Tesla cars.

Although the vision for a clean energy electric powered future is the driving force for many technological advances, cofounder and largest shareholder Elon Musk is jumping the gun in his latest announcement for the company’s 500,000 vehicle production target by the year 2018. Not only was Tesla barely able to make the 50,000 target last year, but Musk is progressively shortening a deadline which was originally set for 2020. Musk has taken a previously ambitious target to a nearly impossible one that not only inflicts undue strain on manufacturing companies, but would be a devastating blow for investors if the plan fails. This leads us to question the business tactics of the failure-prone billionaire, and whether or not his interests are really invested in the vision of a clean energy future.