Tesla: Musk Tweet Disaster Furthers Our Case That Company’s Communications May Be In Shambles

Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO could be doing the company more trouble than good with his Twitter account. In the past, we had written articles suggesting that the company may want to begin looking at a succession plan for Elon Musk. Our argument at the time was that a more Wall Street friendly CEO could potentially bolster a little bit of much-needed credibility behind the company and while the company could retain Musk as Chief Technology Officer or a position similar, the big responsible decisions should be left to somebody with significant executive experience and a great relationship to the street.

Last week provided us with a great example of why our theory may hold some water.

We also recently made the argument that it seemed as though communication within the company was cloudy. There have been several instances over the last year where the company and its executives simply don’t seem to be in sync. We postulated that perhaps this is what has made so many executives leave the company over the last year.

The sloppiness that we took concern with was on display in full force last week. Elon Musk once again took to Twitter to disseminate information that may or may not be considered material and may require a proper disclosure through SEC filings and the like.

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