SolarCity presents unique possible chemical fire hazard

The SolarCity complex in South Buffalo is getting intense attention from the Buffalo Fire Department, looking for safety in construction and operation in the future. The mammoth plant is being watched as construction continues because firefighters have to approve some parts of construction, like sprinkler systems, and because firefighters have to know and understand the […]

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Elon’s Ridiculous Plan to Nuke Mars

If you’ve ever watched the movie Wall-E, then you probably  remember how the world looked after humans over-saturated the atmosphere with satellites and pollution. Because of this, the planet was no longer habitable, resulting in the humans having to live in a massive spaceship. Although this is a very exaggerated scenario, the issue of climate change […]

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Musk’s Favorite Animal

This morning, Silicon Valley business magnate and suspected interplanetary savior of mankind Elon Musk answered the question we’ve all been dying to know: What’s his favorite animal? Musk tweeted his characteristically unconventional answer: TWITTER POST The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast, a nightmarish executioner animal from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is described as being incredibly stupid […]

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